Squeaky Clean Complete Mobile Auto Detailing

Complete Mobile Auto Detailing!
Serving Lamar County, Texas and the Hugo, Oklahoma area!

Choose the service that is right for you.

Squeaky On The Outside
A complete wash of car body, windows, lights, mirrors, tires, & rims. Silicone dressing for tires. Thorough interior vacuum. Wipe down dashboard, console, and door panels.
  • Car/Light Truck - $30
  • Truck/SUV/Minivan - $40

Waxy Squeaky On The Outside
Our standard "Squeaky On The Outside" as well as a complete high tech buffed wax to give a high shine & improve the color and health of the paint.
  • Car/Light Truck - $75
  • Truck/SUV/Minivan - $85

Squeaky On The Inside
All-inclusive interior clean. Vacuum & shampoo carpets. Shampoo upholstery or clean and condition leather. Detailed cleaning of dash and console.
  • Car/Light Truck - $75
  • Truck/SUV/Minivan - $85

Squeaky All Over
We begin with our complete Squeaky Clean Detail on the inside. Top to bottom, nothing is left out. Thorough cleaning of dash, console, vents, door panels, seats, and carpets. Includes stain removal, carpet shampoo, upholstery shampoo or leather clean and conditioned. When the inside is Squeaky Clean, we move to the outside. Bumper to bumper, we do it all. Wash, dry, windows, wax, and silicone dressing for the tires. This is like a day at the spa for your car.
  • Car/Light Truck - $150
  • Truck/SUV/Minivan - $170
Additional Services
Rain-X Window Treatment - $10
Treat windshield to shed water better and improve visibility.
Headlight Restoration - $40
Restores clarity to foggy headlights to improve visibility and appearance of vehicle.

* We are not responsible for items left in cars or damage due to leaks from improperly sealing windows/doors/removable tops. We will take extra care to protect your vehicle, but we cannot be held responsible for the unforeseen. Prices subject to change.

**Commercial Vans or Larger Vehicles are priced by the foot. Ask us about other vehicles that are not covered here when you call.